Modern Clean Floor System

Modern cleaning methods: Concrete, Terrazzo, VCT, Hardwood, Marble, Ceramic Tile, Carpet, Epoxy coated concrete, and other surfaces. No “Slop bucket” cleaning.

Tile & Grout Restoration

We understand the science behind restoring tile & grout. We don’t use harsh acids and don’t blast grout with a 2000 psi truck mount spinner. We use modern Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) methods that will not erode the grout and are very efficient.

Floor Refinishing

VCT Terrazzo Hardwood Marble Concrete — We can refinish it and make it shine again. We use the hardest polyurethanes and are equipped and experienced in more permanent urethane surface finishes on concrete and even VCT.

Window Cleaning

We provide full window cleaning services including multi-story commercial and residential. Many 2-2.5 story high windows we can maintain without using a lift with our carbon fiber poles.

Carpet Cleaning

We apply the appropriate method to clean carpet based on variables such as carpet type, condition and environment. Our methods include Truck Mount, Very Low Moisture (VLM), and even dry carpet cleaning for delicate wool

Modern Methods

We believe in working smarter and truly using the most efficient modern techniques available. We are constantly researching and testing new equipment/tools, chemicals and management methods to give you a better environment.