Welcome To Saturn


A long time ago General Motors created another motor division named Saturn. Saturn Motor Company was separated / isolated from the technical and cultural resources at GM to create a better motor company. History shows GM ultimately benefited greatly from Saturn as many of the “out of box” innovation Saturn developed was fed back to GM.

Maids In America has been in business going on 10 years from the date of this blog and has been a multi-faceted Cleaning Company. From residential services such as maid service – carpet/tile cleaning scaling to small – medium – large business and Collegiate Institutions such as UA & UAB.

The challenge was the one size fit all approach was not meeting expectations in large scale and/or collegiate cleaning environments who expected a higher level of consistency or “mean average.” Maids In America was following the graveyard of previous cleaning companies in these environments and “regressing to the mean.”

The Cleaning Industries Most Common Problem: Regression To The Mean

The most common scenario for a large scale and/or institutional customer to go through when hiring a janitorial company is this:

—New cleaning company starts off great – better then ever – wow. Perception is an “A” usually

—Cracks begin to show about month 2-3

—Actual cleaning quality and perception drop dramatically, sometimes bottoming out to about an “F” in the grade scale

The reasons aren’t what either party usually understands:

—Perception was initially better then the actual cleaning quality to begin with – new company, energized attitude – personality over principle

—The actual sustainable quality was never there – For the short term “squirrel mode” boosted quality temporarily but was not sustainable since the infrastructure, QC system, training, and operations (procedures/time windows/etc) where either never in place or inadequate

—The 1950’s are over and the same old tired 2 cleaners and a slop bucket just don’t cut it

The Saturn Projects number on goal was to address these issues. How can we actually be better if we’re the same as all the other cleaning companies? Built on misinformation from other cleaning companies and even the customers who only understood how they “thought” a cleaning company operates.

Engineered Clean – previous know as the Saturn Project – was created from the ground up starting in 2014 separately from Maids In America. it was created by an engineer who knew little to nothing about cleaning and cared less about learning it from other cleaning people. With trial and error and actual science along with applying a totally new way of managing quality processes in janitorial it’s been huge success.

Currently we are cleaning 11 institutions and/or large scale (industrial mostly) facilities in which several of these customers have been with us for years and were at the point (around 2014) of dropping Maids In America. They now have gone from grading around a 40-50 (our system grades 0-100) to between 85-95 consistently. Read more about the Visual Cleaning Management System throughout this website or let us put together a draft version for your facility at no charge!