In today’s series we will breifly review the robo floor cleaner….

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While there are too many options to review from a brand to model standpoint it’s obvious that many of these options actually work for vacuuming offices. Robotic vacuums have been around a while and, unfortunately, have sucked (pardon the pun) until recently. The idea of replacing a human vacuuming is very attractive as vacuuming is the most error prone tasks and it’s the most “tested” task from our customers who drop paper dots on the floor just to see if every inch was vacuumed the night before.

Robotic vacuums for commercial cleaning whether it is in-house or contracted out generally run about 1-2k. The cheap bots that are less than $300 are for home use only. We’ve tested the Makita LXT robotic vacuum and have had great results. Look for these features when shopping:

– Square feet per charge – generally the high-end will clean about 5000 square feet per charge and automatically re-charge itself when it needs to

– About a half a gallon is the best out there currently

– Boundary tape or devices should come with unit to isolate area

Keep in mind that robotic vacuums will need a little planning and help to kick off their job correctly. From making sure there are no impossible barriers or crazy floor issues to testing and fine tuning the barriers you will be burning a little more time on the front side. The payoff is big and we are starting to implement these at facilities we clean little by little.

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