Advanced Testing & Statistics

Since this is an online janitorial service blog I’m not going to go into extensive detail although we have that in our other franchise publications. I will try to outline how to keep a photo gallery testing log and an idea on application of your collection of visual data.


As mentioned in previous janitorial service articles the best way to test to see if your cleaning techs are doing everything – within reason – everyday and hour they are supposed to is by assessing their work objectively vs subjectively. In other words don’t go by opinions (including your own) on whether an area looks “clean enough” when multiple variables can occur at any point giving a false positive or negative. Use pictures! Is the same patch of film on the floor Tuesday after you took a pic of it on Friday?!

It’s pretty easy to tell what’s going on with the snapshot comparison method – and – you will be replacing staff for a while once you start using this method. Without using objective methods to test janitorial staff you will have about 50% of the work expected done for a variety of reasons:

  • They are lazy
  • You are unrealistic, and they don’t want to communicate to you
  • Your customer is unrealistic, and they are afraid to tell you it can’t be done
  • You don’t know what you are doing

Without the take a pic and compare – objective – testing protocol you are flying blind and are relying on your – and even worse – and the customers opinion. This is a lame way of testing and is why you lose accounts.

Data Collection

Don’t keep these wonderful comparison photo’s to yourself and stuck on your phone! Create a shared gallery such as the one on Google for example and categorize and date inspections. Share the appropriate galleries with your customer. Don’t be shy. Share failed inspections and successful ones – they already knew things weren’t perfect and will respect you more than any cleaning company they have used if you are transparent vs blowing smoke up their ass.


Don’t have enough time to write up much more in this installment but it should be obvious you can keep stats that show (from your pic collections):

  • Percent of failed inspections
  • Percent of missed areas
  • Etc

Anyway – THAT’S ALL FOLKS until the next inspection installment. For incredibly detailed guides/etc contact us and we can, by request only, give access to some of our franchise manuals. We write a lot of stuff so we aren’t too insecure to share this not so top secret information with franchisee’s and customers alike.