What Is Sustainable Cleaning Quality?

Sustainable cleaning quality is commonly referred to by other companies as:

  • Consistency
  • Reliable
  • Predictable

To us we use the word “sustainable” because it’s the reality of the cleaning industry.  No hype or “good intentions” matter if it’s not – somehow – able to be maintained over long periods of time.  In other words if the cleaning quality itself is the true average and not a spike that eventually falls back to mediocrity or to regress to the mean.

At Engineered Clean we spend as much time researching better ways to run a cost effective janitorial service while maintaining a high, sustainable standard of cleaning.  Currently our quality control system largely revolves around the visual clean system – using visual diagrams and procedures to reduce errors.  That being said we are looking towards better methods that some very large Universities are testing with their own custodial staff which are very exciting.

So our definition of sustainable cleaning service quality?  Below is the Executive Summary:

* All figures below are based off 100% and some are weighted so they may not represent an exact percent *

Performance For 2017