In another installment of inspection/quality control tips for janitorial service we will cover how to you can change your cleaning
inspections from a subjective – “it looks like they are/aren’t doing their job…” to “I know exactly what is being done…”


The traditional way to decide if a cleaning crew is doing their job at an office or commercial facility is for the customer and/or
cleaning company to “look” randomly or by schedule. “Taking a look” involves deciding, by opinion only, whether an area
has been cleaned based on their recollection of the previous “look-see.”

This is a horrible way to inspect and a great way to get kicked out of a facility your crew is cleaning well but the customer has
the opinion they’re not and you have only subjective evidence to offer – your opinion. The answer is easy – take pictures during
each inspection and compare. See if that furball or spot on the floor disappears between cleanings and have evidence, not
guesstimations so you can make changes to staff if needed – or defend your cleaning quality to the customer!